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Third-Party Fundraisers

Over the years, many Caring Place families, volunteers and community partners have hosted fundraisers to benefit grieving children. These events are organized by the individuals or companies as ways to help raise awareness and funds for the Caring Place. Often, the events are held in memory of a loved one, with proceeds benefiting the Caring Place (and occasionally split with a second organization).

Other initiatives are organized by local companies who want to support the mission of the Caring Place, hosting an employee fund drive or giving campaign, for example. Or kids and families want to do something to support children in need and set up simple one-time fundraisers like car washes or lemonade stands.

Whatever the venue, however the event is carried out, on behalf of the children and families who are helped, we say a big "THANK YOU!" to all of these efforts.

If you would like to see how you might connect an event to the Caring Place — whether it's already happening or is something you're dreaming of getting started — contact Michelle Vargas at or 412-544-1679.

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Parade of Trees

Parade of Trees

From the Tuesday before Thanksgiving until New Year's Day, the Parade of Trees at the Radisson Hotel Convention Center Harrisburg provides participants the opportunity to purchase a tree in order to decorate it in their own way, with proceeds benefiting the Caring Place.

For more information, contact Katee Brown at 717-763-7117 x4279 or