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Partnerships with Schools

Whether through educating school professionals on the bereavement of children, providing consultation on how to help a child who lost a loved one transition back to school or helping students understand how to support their peers who are grieving, the Highmark Caring Place has always been a resource for schools in the communities it serves.

For a summary of what the Highmark Caring Place offers to schools, including the in-school peer support group program, see the Program Overview.

Get information on working with grieving students during the pandemic in Supporting Grieving Students in this Time of COVID-19.

The following books are helpful resources for elementary-school-aged children. A discussion of each book is paired with an activity that matches the theme of the book:

7 in 10 teachers currently have in their classes at least one student who has lost a parent, guardian, sibling, or close friend in the last year. Source: American Federation of Teachers/New York Life Foundation, Bereavement Survey, 2012