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Deja: "I built an instant fence around my heart."

Deja, only eleven years old now, lost her father several years ago. It was a difficult time in her young life as she attempted to come to terms with this loss.

My Dad died on Easter a couple years ago. It left me in shock.

I built an instant fence around my heart. This black iron fence had a gate that I never allowed to open — or wanted to for that matter.

My school counselor suggested the Caring Place to me and my Mom.

The Caring Place is mainly a place where your heart expresses itself in whichever way you want to. There's always someone to talk to. It's nice to have someone to talk to that's going through the same thing as you. No matter what you say, you won't be laughed at or anything. Everyone is always listening intently.

The Caring Place helped me to understand that the gate in the fence around my heart really needed to open from time to time. After going to the Caring Place, my black iron fence slowly turned into a white wooden fence with a bigger gate on it.

Some days are good, some are bad, but the Caring Place taught me to remember the good and look toward the horizon. The Caring Place helped out a lot.

Every day I wonder where I'd be without the Caring Place's help.