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How Does Your Heart Feel Today?

Suggested Group(s): Preschool/Young

Purpose: To express feelings

Task/need: Approaching the pain of the loss

Activity Setup Ideas:

  • Check in with the children to see how they are doing for the day. Introduce the concept of how their hearts are feeling. Is it happy, sad or something else?


  • Playdough

Directions: Mix a batch of playdough in several different colors and allow each group member to choose the colors that he/she wants to use. Encourage the young children to use playdough to show how their hearts feel today. As the children create their vision of what their hearts look like, ask them to explain the significance of how they are creating their heart.

Activity Wrap Up Ideas:

  • Encourage the group members to share their creations with each other (either the entire group or in pairs or small groups), noting the significance of the colors and pieces added to their creations.
  • Comment on the hard work done (not how ‘pretty’ the product is). Thank each child for doing such good work.