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Feelings Quick Draw

Suggested Group(s): Young/Middle/Teen

Purpose: To explore feelings and other information on different topics through drawings

Task/need: Group building, approaching the pain of the loss

Activity Setup Ideas:

  • Ask, "How many people have played drawing games like Pictionary™ or Win Lose or Draw™?" Let the group know that you will be playing your own version of a drawing game with feelings words.


  • Index cards with one feeling written on each.

Description: One group member starts the game by selecting a card and drawing their representation of the feeling without speaking. Other group members attempt to guess the feeling being drawn. The first to guess correctly begins the process over again. (Before starting the process, decide on group rules, such as whether a person may write part of the word once it has been said, use of gestures, etc.)

Activity Wrap Up Ideas:

  • Although it is tempting, do not make this a purely competitive activity. Congratulate the group on taking the risk of talking about feelings as they complete this game.

Suggestions: This activity can also be done with other words that relate to their attendance at the Caring Place. Some examples are pizza, forum, pledge, air hockey, friends, support, loss, etc.