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Feelings Backpack

Suggested Group(s): Middle/Teen

Purpose: To demonstrate the weight of carrying feelings and the benefit of sharing your feelings in a supportive presence.

Task/need: Moving towards the pain of the loss, continued support

Activity Setup Ideas:

  • Talk to the group to reinforce that the Caring Place is a safe place where all feelings can be discussed.
  • Reinforce that the group is here in support of one another and that everyone in the group is here for a similar reason.


  • Rocks with feelings words painted on them
  • Backpack/bag


  • Pass the backpack full of the feelings rocks around to allow each group member to have a chance to feel its weight.
  • Next have the group work together to hold the backpack.  Discuss how sharing the weight can make the load easier.
  • Open the backpack and discuss the feelings rocks inside:
    • What feelings have you been carrying around?
  • Have the group brainstorm ways they can feel supported in carrying their feelings.