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Discussion Posters

Suggested Age Group(s): Middle, Teen, Adult

Purpose: To begin to explore different feelings about different subjects while allowing the group to relate to one another.

Task/need: Moving toward the pain of the loss, converting the relationship to memory, develop a new self-identity, living on the grief spiral, continued support

Activity Setup Ideas: Begin in the children/teen room by talking with them about a following topic: changes in their home since their loved one died, worries they are now having, feelings they have a hard time coping with, etc. Explain to the children/teen that they are going to go around the room and answer questions on the wall (either on a poster board or dry erase board)


  • Markers
  • Poster board
  • Or dry erase markers for dry erase board

Description: Instruct the group to go around the room and answer questions at each station/poster board area. For example:

  • Changes that I don't like in the home
  • Changes that are okay in the home
  • What worries me most right now is
  • Ways I show my grief
  • Signs that I am healing

Once group members are done answering questions on poster board, take time to discuss their responses by pointing out any similarities, allowing members to discuss each poster board.

Activity Wrap Up Ideas: Invite the group to continue to think of new responses and add them throughout the remaining meetings.