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Feelings Express

Suggested Age Group(s): Preschool, Young

Purpose: To help children identify and understand complex feelings

Task/need: Moving toward the pain of the loss, living on the grief spiral

Activity Setup Ideas: Suppose your brother or sister went into your room and started using your toys without asking permission. This would most likely make you angry. On the other hand, suppose your brother or sister brought home several candy bars and offered to share them with you. That would most likely make you happy. Different experiences cause us to feel certain ways.


  • Feelings Express page
  • Pencil
  • Crayons/markers/colored pencils

Description: Give each group member Feelings Express (see next page), a pencil, and crayons. Then say: This is the Feelings Express train. A different feeling is written on each of its cars. We will talk about each feeling. Then you may write or draw what makes you feel this way.

Begin by talking about the feeling word sad, which is written on the first car. Ask the group members what it means to be sad. Then have them write/draw, on the first car, something that makes them sad. Continue in the same manner with the other three cars, discussing and identifying situations about being confused, worried, scared. (You may use other feelings words)

Activity Wrap Up Ideas: When the group is finished with this activity, review the first feeling and ask them to share what they have written/drawn on the train. Then, before going on to the next car, ask the group members to think of ways they can help themselves when this feeling comes over them. Review each car of the Feelings Express in the same way. When you have finished reviewing the cars, allow the group to decorate their trains.