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Memory Capsules

Memory Capsules

Suggested Group(s): Young/Middle/Teen

Purpose: To address the fear of forgetting details about the person who died and make a resource for remembering

Task/need: Converting the relationship…to one of memory

Activity Setup Ideas:

  • Ask, "Has anybody ever made a time capsule?" or "Do you know what a time capsule is?"
  • Discuss the concept of a time capsule as a box or container that held special things that represented memories of a certain time that people put together and bury in the ground to dig up at a later date to remember the time.
  • Tell the group that they will be making their own ‘capsules’ that will hold their memories about the people who died. These can always be opened to help group members think of the memories that they have of the person who died.


  • Containers/Jars
  • Paper
  • Paints
  • Glitter

Description: Create a list of items as suggestion of things one might fear forgetting about the person who died and print each on cards; Have blank cards too.

Discuss the group members’ fears of forgetting before the capsule activity. Have group members write items requested on cards and add their own items. Allow time for sharing with other members the information they have written on the cards and some of the stories that might go with the information; what they most fear forgetting and what they will never forget, perhaps in different areas.

Sample List of items for cards:

  • Favorite Color
  • Color of Eye
  • Color of Hair
  • Date of Birth
  • Where s/he was born
  • Date of Death
  • Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
  • Favorite Hobby
  • Favorite Sport
  • Favorite Snack and/or Meal
  • Favorite Season
  • Favorite Actor
  • Where s/he attended school
  • Favorite Music
  • Favorite Movie
  • Recall a memory of laughter
  • Favorite Singer
  • Favorite Flower
  • Recall a memory of vacation
  • Favorite Fragrance
  • Recall non-material gifts given
  • Recall a special time shared

Activity Wrap Up Ideas:

  • Ask the group if they think that the capsule will help them keep their treasured memories alive.
  • Ask when they might want to pull the capsule out to revisit the memories.
  • As always, thank the group for their hard work