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Snowball Fight

Suggested Age Group(s): Young, Middle, Teen, Adult

Purpose: To build communication among the group as they get to know each other more, to express and validate fears and expectations others have

Task/need: Group building, group structure, move toward the pain of the loss

Activity Setup Ideas: Begin by sharing that for the group to support each other it is always a good idea to get to know each other more.


  • Plain paper
  • Pencils/pens, markers if drawing pictures

Description: Instruct the group to take their plain piece of paper and write one thing they are excited about, one thing they are nervous about and one thing they would like to learn (or any variation of these topics). They can draw a picture if they are not able to write yet. Have each child/teen wad their paper up and have a snowball fight with the paper (aim only from the shoulder down). At a certain time, have everyone pick up a snowball and read the information. Next, try to guess who the paper belongs to.

Activity Wrap Up Ideas: Ask the group what it was like to do this activity. Ask what they discovered about group members. Point out similarities. Discuss expectations.